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Unique Furniture Designs
Beautiful handmade furniture and décor for the home and workplace
Off the Grain is a young but thriving company based in the heart of Yorkshire. We have a long-held passion for creating handmade furniture and décor, our aim is to produce the finest and most stylish items to grace your home and workplace.
An artisanal approach
We believe there’s something special about owning a product that has been made by hand. To make things which are designed for functionality and beauty, careful thought goes into every aspect of its creation, from the selection of the wood to the choice of carpentry techniques we use to construct it.
Traditional techniques
When creating our furniture and décor, it is important to us that each piece is made using traditional carpentry skills. Regardless of whether we are creating an old-fashioned, rustic tea tray or a mid-century style TV stand, our attention to detail means that our furniture is expertly built and finished. You won’t find our products arriving with Allen keys.

Materials that matter

The choice of materials we use at Off The Grain is very important to us. Many of our items are made from reclaimed wood which, despite its excellent condition, would otherwise be sent to waste disposal. Giving old wood a second lease of life also reduces the need to chop down living trees. For products where we do use new wood, we always use quality timber, such as oak, that we know is from a sustainable source, will last for a very long time and which is naturally beautiful to look at. The same care goes into our selection of metals and paints. We aim to use components which are well-made and which have minimal impact on the environment. Where possible, we strive to source our materials from fellow artisan companies.
Materials that matter
Materials that matter


your passion
While our passion is making fabulous furniture, we know that sometimes our customers want something slightly different to what’s on offer in our store. One of the benefits of making handmade products is that we can easily adapt any of our designs to suit your personal needs. Want it bigger, smaller, made from a different type of wood? That’s not a problem. Not only are we committed to providing a bespoke service, we relish the opportunity to make something that’s truly unique. Got a truly one-off project you need creating? Get in touch, we’ll be more than happy to make it for you.